Meum Consultum


Meum Consultum Ltd. is a Lithuanian economic and management consultancy firm which combines the quality and expertise of a western institution with the cultural familiarity and cost advantages of a local company.

Founded in 1998 on the principle that consultants should deliver results - not just reports - to their clients, Meum Consultum provides businesses and international organizations with timely analysis of political, social, financial and economic developments and helps the leading organizations gain and sustain competitive advantage and achieve significant, tangible results in Baltic marketplace.

With extensive experience in the Baltic region and particular focus in Lithuania, Meum Consultum Ltd. has developed a detailed understanding of the complex issues involved in structuring, negotiating, documenting and completing international consultancy projects in the Baltic States .

Whether it is support for an investment or successful completion of a scientific research project, “Meum Consultum” offers affordable and efficient advice.

We invite you to take a closer look .